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Past Life Integration Method

I was certified In Deep PEAT & Memento by Vladimir Stojakovic 2018

Memento is developed by Zivorad M. Slavinski 

Memento is a personal and spiritual development.

Memento is a non-hypnotic past lives recall and integration method. 

Past lives considerably affect our current life.​​ The purpose of Memento is to recall pa​st lives and remove their negative influence our current life.


  • Memento clears mental and emotional charge from a past incarnation.
  • Our past lives memories consist of suppressed thoughts and emotions which we call "charge", within ST terminology.
  • You get an understanding of the past incarnation and critically evaluate it in relation to your current life and vice versa.
  • You also get an understanding of your current life, personality, perception, goals, problems, relationships, behavior, circumstances, etc. 

In many cases, clients gain insight into their relationships with persons from the current life, which enables them to understand, repair or liberate themselves from those relationships.

we liberate personality traits which were blocked by past lives experiences.

It is possible to start a Memento session from a current life and uncover its connections to a past incarnation.

We can address fragmented parts of the Being and integrate them back into the rest of the personality. 

From the spiritual point of view, Memento liberates parts of the Being stuck in the past and integrates them back to the rest of the Being, enabling the client to be more in the here and now, to be more and less the ego.

The most important feature of Memento is discovering decisions that each person brings for the future, at the end of each incarnation.

*These decisions affect us here and now. Decisions determine our personality, perception, goals, problems, relationships, behavior, circumstances, etc.

What is specific for Memento?

  • It is a past life recall and integration method
  • Its aim is to clear charge from​ one past life per session
  • it aims to identify the decisions brought at the end of a past life
  • It can reach problems buried deeper in the unconscious part of the person
  • It can integrate entities, our fragmented parts
  • It can liberate personality traits lost in previous incarnations

About Memento Sessions:

  • Cost: $100.00 1 hr. *add additional fee if time goes longer depending on how long can be up to add'l $75
  • Add: $50.00 to have the process while laying underneath the ARC VOGEL Crystal Healing Magnetic Light or while in the TESLA Energy Light Therapy room
  • Memento processes are typically 45 min to 90 minutes.(in some cases people need extra time)
  • We address only one lifetime, if you happen to process quickly then the extra time allocated will be used for energetic healing or balancing thru reflexology
  • We can address a past life related to a problem, a relationship, a significant past life, etc., or just a past life

After entering a past incarnation, Memento leads us through its most important events. By focusing only on these we save time and get a better understanding of the client’s particular incarnation as a whole, including their behavior and the games they played. 

All of this is critically evaluated in relation to the current life of the client. After going through a few sessions, it becomes obvious how very simple our lives actually are. 

They just appear complicated when living under the influence of charge stored in the ego. But when you go through an entire life in around an hour or so, through its important events and problems, you realize how simple everything is when observed from a distance and without charge. 

Without the ego to distort and complicate facts and situations, it is easy to find solutions to our problems and to make the right decisions under challenging conditions. 

Sometimes, the client recognizes a person from past lives as somebody from this lifetime. When this happens, karmic relations are better understood and often resolved. Many are attracted to Memento mostly for the possibility of resolving their current difficult relationships. Recovering abilities lost in past lives is another benefit of Memento. 

*As with all of the healing modalities, it is very important to come hydrated, not hungry, hungover or on any psychedelic or type drugs.