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YoungLiving Raindrop Technique Massage

This is the Original Healing Technique brought to us from
Dr. Gary Young

1 hr -$150.00 / 90 mins -$190.00 / 2-hrs $235.00

Packages available!

*Enhance your healing with the ARC Vogel Crystal Gem Light Therapy *add-on $50

*(tab on Vogel Crystal Gem Light @ left for info.)

This is a beautiful healing technique that leaves you in a state of well being!

I work as a conduit for the Divine Holy Source Energy for the best possible outcome 

Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Reflexology and Swedish Massage. You receive a full-body therapeutic massage while the oils are applied along your spine. I have given over a thousand Raindrop treatments and I am still in awe on the beautiful effects these oils have on each person.

The original (9) beautiful essential oils plus I add extra oils that will be suited to your special treatment are applied along the spine & various areas of the body. This is designed to bring physical, mental, and emotional balance to the body as well as a powerful immune boost. Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young. Based on techniques taught to him by a Lakota native medicine man. Gary Young adopted this technique in the 1980s and applied it with Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ oils. Oils that are used for the technique are; Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Peppermint, Valor®, and Aroma Seiz™

*The extra oils are usually chosen from the 'Feelings' oil treatment kit. A couple of my very favorite oils are White Angelica, Inspiration, Present Time and Transformation!!! ~love love love these and so will you!~

~ ooh la la HOT towels are used in all therapies to add the benefits of stimulating circulation and reducing muscle atrophy. Also used are different precious hot stones, such as Jasper, Obsidian, Amethyst, Tigers Eye, Labradorite  

Reduce Stress and Anxiety- Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level. 

  • Reduces Inflammation in the Body – Three known, natural anti-inflammatory oils, wintergreen, thyme, and peppermint, are used in this technique.
  • Relax Muscles – Muscles that are sore, spastic or stressed will also benefit. Basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, and peppermint essential oils help with all the common muscle conditions.

  • Relieve Pain - A study in 2001 confirmed that the existence of infectious microorganisms near the spine causes pain and inflammation.
  • Create a Hostile Environment for Viruses and Bacteria along the Spine – It is a known fact that microbes actually stay dormant and hibernate along the spinal column until our immune system weakens and they are activated.
  • Improve Circulation – The essential oils of cypress, marjoram, and peppermint all have properties that increase circulation and/or act as a circulatory stimulant.
  • Improve Immune System Functions – Thyme and oregano essential oils are known to support the immune system. Also, the body will be releasing toxins and eliminating viruses and bacteria which ultimately strengthen the immune system and your overall health.
  • Emotional Well Being and Release – Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the limbic system where emotions are stored and controlled.
  • Help Detox the Body Systems – The oils being high in phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system detox of the body.

Only the purest, most potent natural properties from each plant source, Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils contain the optimum level of therapeutic constituents for the most beneficial results.  

"How long does this application last?" everybody responds differently. Generally speaking, the level of health, proper diet as are exercise and mental attitude are key factors. One application may last months for one person, but then for another, it may be necessary to have the application done every week until the body begins to respond. The key is to retrain the body. In some cases, you will have to develop a new memory in the tissue in order for the body to stay where it should be. This may take a few weeks or up to a year or longer.  

I have given thousands of treatments over the past 18 years and haven't had one person not completely enjoy this beautiful healing treatment! 

*As with all therapies you must drink a lot of water to aid in ridding your body the toxins that have been released. It is very advisable to rest after your treatments this will give your body time to realign both physically, mentally, & spiritually. 

For purchasing your own oils please visit Young Living Oils @

You will need my member ID # 402847 - Marcia Newman

Once you signed up, I will be happy to help you understand how, why and where to use the oils. Also, if you'd like to learn this beautiful art of healing, I offer classes individual or small groups. Please text or call Marcia

* Raindrop Technique is recommended as a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment. 

Certified Under Texas State License #MT113845 Aug. 2011 member of ABMP @ABMPmassage

Marcia Newman is licensed under Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics Alberta Advanced Education & Technology Gov’t of Alberta April 2002 Received Reflexology/Aromatherapy/Cranial Sacral Therapy/Body Talk/MyoFascia Release Certification from The Wild Rose Holistic Clinic in Calgary, Canada1997-2002, Reconnection I/II June 2007

Marcia Newman is licensed by the state of Texas.

She is not a licensed medical or naturopathic professional and any suggestions made referring to any conditions or therapies offered do not take the place of treatment by a medical professional.  

Book your appt. Text Marcia @ 936 777-0128